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Turning Complexity Into Compliance

We are pleased to offer a wide range of accounting and tax services for clients of any size, legal form and occupation. Our unique combination of a professional approach with a personal touch keeps our clients’ satisfaction ratio close to 100%.


Maddalena Falco

Me and my partner are so happy to have found this studio. They helped us with our yearly tax declaration, and everything have been very fast and clear.

As expat we needed help to not make any mistake with papers and stuff like that, that’s why I decided to find an accountant. Seems an easy job to find a good one, but trust me it’s not.
After tried a couple of them, this studio was the only one which I felt I could trust.

Luckly I was very right, everything went smooth and in a couple of days all of my concerns were gone, everything was settled and I didn’t have to worry anymore about the “Tax declaration”. That might sound a bit too much, but living in a foreign country can be very hard and find somebody that can relief you on something can be very useful.

I have recommended this studio to all my expat colleagues and friends. And I am sure I will continue working with them.

Aliya Kireeva

Private Enterpreneur

This year I have started running my agency as a freelancer and had no idea how to handle my business taxes correctly. Luckily, I met Katya!

She was able not only to completely take over my tax administration, but also to give me a clear picture of the principles behind the scenes of the tax world. Katya knows all ins and outs of the Dutch tax system, is very approachable and gives me lots of tips and tricks which I would never figure out on my own.

I’m very grateful I have her by my side to help me keep my business running.

Alyona Minyukhina


My professional work with Katya has been lasting for 2 years now, since 2016. Katya is very open-minded person, who is willing to understand not only extravagant business ideas and give solid administrative support, but who keeps honesty, trust and efficiency in priorities. She is the one who will support you in your business, Katya is not only highly skilled professional, but she is the one who cares of you personally.

Commitment, dedication and simple instructions from Katya made my life as entrepreneur way much easier than if I would do it by myself. My fears and doubts from lack of knowledge in tax/declarations area are gently cleared by Azarova.

Consulting agency, this type of open discussion and ability to name my fears and getting clear picture of current situation keeps my business development on rising mode.

Hadas and Keren

Matka Amsterdam

We are a new company and we start working with Katya on our financial business plan.

The working with Katya was smooth and easy. She is a pleasant person, very accurate and professional.

We are confident that we will continue working with her in the future.


Bookkeeper / Accountant / Financial Manager per Hour

Do you do administration by yourself?

Would you like to check, audit or get some professional advice on your books? Or you would like to double-check your financials?

Our financial experts can help you maintain accurate records, interpret reports, and file taxes.

Planning First

Are you thinking of starting a new business or getting external financing for your project?

Do you want to determine your long-term business goals?

Do you feel like you lost control over your business/ family finances?

We are ready to help you in a very effective way- by making your business plan.

Start-up package

We know how much you need to do during the first business year. So, we offer special affordable packages for start-ups. We take care of your administration so that you can focus on growing your business.

Online School

Take our online courses and build your own expertise in accounting regulations and tax compliance requirements in the Netherlands.

Tax Declarations

Despite the Dutch Tax Authorities’ slogan “We cannot make it nicer, but we can make it easier”, even Dutch people often struggle with their tax return.

We provide the best approach to filing Dutch tax returns in the Netherlands.

Tax Consultation

Living/ doing business abroad requires knowledge about taxation and laws in different countries. 

Need tax advice about the Dutch tax system?

Tax consultation is one of our core areas. Book a 15 min free consultation

Tax Forecast

Knowing your potential tax obligations almost a year prior to a payment date would allow you to distribute the burden equally over 12 months without stress or financial damage. Plus, if you go for an option with tax consultation included, you get a chance to effect your final numbers by following the optimisation recommendations. Want to learn about benefits?

1 Hour Tax consultation

from 150 EUR  (ex VAT)

Start-up admin package for Eenmanszaak

90 EUR (excl. VAT)

Business-plan for Start-ups

500 EUR (excl. VAT)

Tax Forecast

from 248 EUR  (ex VAT)

101 options for business expenses for a private entrepreneur

Katerina Azarova

Hi, my name is Katerina Azarova. I’m a big believer that compliance is achievable and real. With more or less help everybody can reach this destination. Because I love numbers, speak accounting language, have academic knowledge (MSc, MBA) and more than 15 years of hands-on experience in international projects I can help others.

I was born in Kazakhstan and moved to NL in 2014. I studied and subsequently received a Beconnumer – Dutch Tax consultant registration number (690053) and started building up my Dutch tax expertise by doing my personal taxes. I gained my Dutch corporate tax experience when I worked as a finance manager for a Dutch Corporation. I can help other eenmanszaak businesses because I’ve owned my personal administration and tax compliance since 2017.

By shopping for an accountant, please filter the professionals first. Then choose the personality. Getting compliant is a destination but don’t forget about the process.

And my personal motto is:

Climbing up to the hills, don’t forget to enjoy the process

Why Us ?


Our team of professionals speak Russian/ English/ Dutch. We believe discussing tax matters in your native language makes life easier.


Hands-on professionals with more than 15 years of experience in all facets of financial management, accounting and business intelligence can make you compliant.

Impressive price / benefit ratio

We’ve saved plenty of cash for our Clients. Major life events, like a marriage, the birth of a child, changing a job, or buying a house can have tax implications. So, you can leave money on the table if you don’t consult with a professional tax advisor.

It’s all about trust

It won’t matter how experienced or skilled a particular accountant is if you don’t immediately feel comfortable with him/her as a person. We really focus on building up a comfortable personal relationship, so that you can see yourself working with us for many years to come.